Eric Butash


Director of Digital Programs for InnovateEDU

Eric Butash is the Director of Digital Programs at InnovateEDU where he oversees the digital programs and initiatives including Project Unicorn, Landing Zone, Cortex, and the Data Viz Starter Pack. Prior to joining InnovateEDU, Eric served as Director of Operations at the Highlander Institute and was responsible for the design, creation, and operations of various information technology systems as related to implementing Highlander’s nationally recognized FUSE model for blended learning.



He also spent 15 years in various technology leadership roles across K-12. He currently serves as the Sr. Advisor to the K12 National Advisory Council on Cybersecurity Executive Board, CommonSense Media National Ambassador, and treasurer of RISTE (Rhode Island Society of Technology Educators) Organization. He has worked with RI Department of Education on various statewide initiatives, including Erate 2.0, Wireless Classroom Initiative, Ed-Fi Data Team, and many others.