Bryant Wong


Former CTO, Summit Public Schools

Bryant Wong was the Chief Technology Officer at Summit Public School, has over 19 years of technology experience and spent the last 10+ years working to redesign technology in schools for personalized learning. He led the technology and security functions at Summit focused heavily on a designing and sharing Summit's approach to data security for K-12. He is deeply invested in building technology and security that is both cutting edge and closely aligned with both the needs of students, schools, all while being safe online. Prior before Bryant entered the education industry, he worked for various competitive telecommunications startups building fiber optic backbones for metro area networks. He also holds a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Information Systems from Golden Gate University and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of San Francisco.

Bryant is passionate about technology in education and has frequently presented on the topics of technology in education for personalized learning and more recently has been sharing and presenting on designing cyber-security. He has also participated in a number of publications that cover the topics of personalized learning, blended learning, designing technology, wireless networks, and cyber-security.