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BOSTON Mass., January 2, 2019 – iboss, a leader in cloud security hosted the executive board of the National Advisory Council on Cybersecurity (NACC) at their Boston Headquarters. The focus of the day’s events included an executive roundtable – consisting of the iboss senior executive team and the NACC board discussing the growing concerns associated with the potential negative impact the lack of adequate cybersecurity technology and practice is having across the nation’s public education system.

Iboss hosting an executive roundtable with NACC Board members, on right Project Tomorrow CEO, Dr. Julie Evans presents national findings associated with the increasing need to cyber secure student devices going home.

Former CIO at Los Angeles Unified School District and now CIO at Harvard Business School and co-chair of the NACC agrees that interactions between public education and the public sector can make all the difference, Chandler stated “ I have personally participated in these kind of engagements, and have always walked away feeling that public education must foster closer relationships – particularly in the Information Technology sector, especially as public education seeks to embrace education technology resources to increase academic relevance/achievement.” Chandler’s colleague and NACC co-chair Debbie Karcher, former CIO at Miami Dade said, “ We are very grateful to iboss for giving the board an opportunity to brief iboss senior executives on the challenges the education sector faces relevant to protecting our nations students, and the board has learned a great deal throughout this day around how iboss is leveraging its delivery of cybersecurity by delivering their platform as a SaaS in the cloud solution – frankly just what I believe districts across the country need to embrace today”.

“To host the nation’s best and brightest across the education sector was an honor and a great privilege”

- CEO and Co-Founder Paul Martini

Paul Martini introduces the iboss K-12 team to the NACC executive board

Paul Martini kicked off the panel by introducing exciting developments associated with the iboss cloud, he explained that the iboss cloud is designed to secure students Internet access on any device, from any location. Martini remarked, “By shifting the focus of security from network perimeters to following users, the iboss platform provides students consistent cloud security whether they are at home or at school while eliminating the need to purchase appliances”. The NACC panel ended with an opportunity for iboss staff to engage directly with NACC board members. Iboss in collaboration with the Rhode Island based non-profit Highlander Institute serve as national mission sponsors of the NACC. Peter Martini, iboss President and co-founder stated, “We are convinced the NACC’s tremendous experience can help to serve as trusted advisors to the education community, providing their voluntary services in support of our nations school districts and the students they serve everyday is wonderful”. The NACC is comprised of notable school leaders, more information regarding the NACC can be found at their website:

NACC board members Debbie Karcher, former CIO at Miami Dade, and Jim Pulliam, CIO at Orange County Public Schools engage iboss staff Following the NACC executive roundtable, the board conducted an amazing interactive panel with iboss staff.

Debbie Karcher explained, “Now more than at any time previously, districts are looking for enterprise solutions that provide more than CIPA compliance, they are looking for a total cybersecurity solution, especially as they embrace cloud resources for teaching and learning. The fact that iboss has built their platform specifically for the cloud eliminates the costly proposition of purchasing devices which only creates greater cost and the need for staff to support and maintain the gear”. Most recently, iboss partnered with Project Tomorrow to publish the Speak Up Research Project for Digital Learning. Dr. Evans, CEO of Project Tomorrow and NACC board member presented during the NACC visit, compelling data which would confirm a major shift from appliance - based security over to technology like iboss’ cloud solution. The research also highlights responses from district administrators and school and district technology leaders from around the country about their data privacy concerns and the current use of cloud computing among students and teachers.

About Highlander Institute – Proud National Mission Sponsors of the NACC

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About iboss – Proud National Mission Sponsors of the NACC

iboss is a cloud security company that provides organizations and their employees safe access to the internet and their applications in the cloud from any device, anywhere without appliances. Leveraging a purpose-built cloud architecture backed by 110 patents and over 100 points of presence globally, iboss protects more than 4,000 organizations worldwide through the cloud. To learn more, visit

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